Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yay for the Gingerbread Girl

Yay! The Gingerbread Girl is back!

Hello Ladies!

I love the One-a-Day group Carole  has put together, and I'm glad it's back. For those of you that are new to the One-a-Day Tuesday Tallies...it's easy to join... just complete one square, one row, one [insert something here] every day and post your progress here. It's fun to see the familiar "faces" week after week.  Here we go ladies... let's get busy :)

Having the One-a-Day Tuesday Tallies back is perfect timing, as I just declared my goal of finishing the Granny in three weeks... well, now actually two. I think I have been working on it intermittently for a year now... it's time!  Today I thought I was finish with the bulk of it and only had the borders to do, but when I tried it on my toes stilled poked out at the bottom! UGH!  So far, I have 63 squares finished and I'm thinking I need another 14 or so. 

I am fond of snippets of yarn.
The bigger the pile the more productive the day, and above is a pretty respectable snippet pile. I'm satisfied with my day's work!

Looking foreword to checking in on every one's progress



  1. The colours are lovely. I take it you are making a lap blanket? You won't regret the extra time you take to make it just the perfect size.

  2. Beautiful, I love the bright happy colors.

  3. Lovely colours. I like the little pile of yarn ends you get too. Got to be careful in our house though as my youngest likes to put them up her nose!!!!!!