Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ahhhh, the Joys of a Pedicure

There is nothing like a good pedicure.  And, since we have a wedding coming up this weekend (my brother is getting married), I thought I would knock off the garden dirt and get my toes all dolled up.  Funny... when I got home and was walking around my yard I noticed how close the color I chose was to my spider geraniums.  Love it!

 I am excited about the wedding because, for one, it is always good to share your life with someone you love, and two, it taking place in Lake Geneva -- a super cute town that's about 2 hours north of us.  It is a kinda touristy, cutesy weekend vacation spot. I just love it. There is lots of shopping, a lake, and a beach to play at.  Long ago, before kids, Jeff and I would drive up just to have lunch. 

On another note... I am still looping away at the granny.  Meet Jimmy.  He is our beloved house cat... who got outside this morning and I am anxiously waiting his return, as he is NOT allowed to frolic in the wild! I am hoping that he will come home when he is hungry??  Anyway, the point of this picture is that as soon as I stretch my granny out to see which color to work on, Jimmy immediately climbs on and curls up! He is sooo sweet I couldn't possibly get mad at him.


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