Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Wedding in Lake Geneva

So... yesterday we were in Chicago, Illinois, and today we are in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 

It's crazy that we went from this -- in a two hour drive from our base camp!

The drive was wonderful. We went from suburban houses packed together to lush green fields with sprawling farms and lots of cows. When we got there, we were rewarded with glimpses of sparkling Lake Geneva. 

The houses on this lake are to die for, I mean HUGE, and old money if you know what I mean!  But really, if I were to live on this lake, which I would love to -- who wouldn't want to wake up to the sunlight shimmering off the water -- I would want a teenie, tiny little cottage with tall trees waving in the breeze and gloriously fragrant flowers that wrap around my front porch. Wow, I can dream it, can't I?

So, why were you in Lake Geneva you ask??

This weekend my little brother, Ed got married!
And, we all headed north for one hell of a party.

Beth & Ed

If that isn't the look of true love, I don't know what is.  Ok, can I hear a big, "ahhhhh."

Then we all busted a move! It was soooo fun. 

I love tulips!

At the end of the night, my two little monkeys were tired, tired, tired.  The next morning they slept in late.  We stayed at The Abbey, a really nice resort, with a really nice bed. So nice that I had to pull the sheets back and see what kind of mattress it was ... because I want one! 

I am an early riser, and sleeping late for them meant I had to figure out what to do and where to go quietly while everyone else slept. There are not many options for quietness in a tiny hotel room.  I carefully brought a chair from bedroom into the bathroom and faced it opposite the toilet. I then made some coffee, sat on the chair, and eloquently put my feet up in the toilet while I read my beloved Cottages & Bungalows magazine. Is there anything "eloquent" about being in a bathroom?? It was quite a sight, but everyone was happy! I got some "me" time that morning and oddly enough I spent in the bathroom. Ha ha ha


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