Thursday, April 5, 2012

What... another one??

Yes, Yes... another one.
I need another project like I need a hole in my head! But, I thought I'd try my hook on a ripple. My reason you ask...because it doesn't take much thought. You can coast along in the rhythmic pattern and enjoy the crochet.
Do you remember this one? I started The Granny last summer. This is not one to travel with because you have to carry so many balls of yarn... or be really organized and only carry the colors that come next. Too much thinking for me :)
Then there is this one. I got the idea from Little Woolie, but for some reason I have lost interest for the moment.
Actually, it has been quite difficult to find any time to craft/crochet while in grad school. The professors want us to do home work -- and projects... what are they thinking? Don't they know I have important things to do?
Well, I have several to choose from when I am able. In the meantime, I am enjoying other blog posts from my favorite authors. Thanks everyone for posting, as it inspires me to carry on the craft!