Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Birthday William

Today is William Shakespeare's 449th birthday, but that's not the real reason for this post.  

The real reason for this post is to say... I have not had time to crochet!!! How does this happen, you ask?  Well, I do believe that school work has gotten in the way of creative craftivity. A new year resolution of mine was to make more time for the things I like to do, like crochet. I even joined Threads, a group that meets once a month at the Yorkville Library; however I only went twice... long enough to have yet another work-in-progress!

I will return to the Pick-A-Stitch Cafe just as soon as I can, but I felt you deserved to know that, fear not, I have not abandoned the hook!! I hope you are finding time for the things you enjoy most...


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Link to link

As part of an experiment for my LIS 750 course at Dominican University, I am adding a link to my blog that points to my LIS 750 Information Storage and Retrieval blog experiment.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yay for the Gingerbread Girl

Yay! The Gingerbread Girl is back!

Hello Ladies!

I love the One-a-Day group Carole  has put together, and I'm glad it's back. For those of you that are new to the One-a-Day Tuesday Tallies...it's easy to join... just complete one square, one row, one [insert something here] every day and post your progress here. It's fun to see the familiar "faces" week after week.  Here we go ladies... let's get busy :)

Having the One-a-Day Tuesday Tallies back is perfect timing, as I just declared my goal of finishing the Granny in three weeks... well, now actually two. I think I have been working on it intermittently for a year now... it's time!  Today I thought I was finish with the bulk of it and only had the borders to do, but when I tried it on my toes stilled poked out at the bottom! UGH!  So far, I have 63 squares finished and I'm thinking I need another 14 or so. 

I am fond of snippets of yarn.
The bigger the pile the more productive the day, and above is a pretty respectable snippet pile. I'm satisfied with my day's work!

Looking foreword to checking in on every one's progress


Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Wedding in Lake Geneva

So... yesterday we were in Chicago, Illinois, and today we are in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 

It's crazy that we went from this......................to this -- in a two hour drive from our base camp!

The drive was wonderful. We went from suburban houses packed together to lush green fields with sprawling farms and lots of cows. When we got there, we were rewarded with glimpses of sparkling Lake Geneva. 

The houses on this lake are to die for, I mean HUGE, and old money if you know what I mean!  But really, if I were to live on this lake, which I would love to -- who wouldn't want to wake up to the sunlight shimmering off the water -- I would want a teenie, tiny little cottage with tall trees waving in the breeze and gloriously fragrant flowers that wrap around my front porch. Wow, I can dream it, can't I?

So, why were you in Lake Geneva you ask??

This weekend my little brother, Ed got married!
And, we all headed north for one hell of a party.

Beth & Ed

If that isn't the look of true love, I don't know what is.  Ok, can I hear a big, "ahhhhh."

Then we all busted a move! It was soooo fun. 

I love tulips!

At the end of the night, my two little monkeys were tired, tired, tired.  The next morning they slept in late.  We stayed at The Abbey, a really nice resort, with a really nice bed. So nice that I had to pull the sheets back and see what kind of mattress it was ... because I want one! 

I am an early riser, and sleeping late for them meant I had to figure out what to do and where to go quietly while everyone else slept. There are not many options for quietness in a tiny hotel room.  I carefully brought a chair from bedroom into the bathroom and faced it opposite the toilet. I then made some coffee, sat on the chair, and eloquently put my feet up in the toilet while I read my beloved Cottages & Bungalows magazine. Is there anything "eloquent" about being in a bathroom?? It was quite a sight, but everyone was happy! I got some "me" time that morning and oddly enough I spent in the bathroom. Ha ha ha


Friday, June 15, 2012

Lincoln Park Zoo & North Ave Beach

Warning - Picture Heavy Post!
**Friday Fun Day **

My friend Julie & I decided that we needed an adventure... so we decided to head for the city! If I haven't mentioned before... and I probably do it again... I live in suburb of Chicago called Yorkville, Illinois. It's about 1.5 hours away from Chicago, so we don't get there much... but when we do it's like we're on vacation. It's so different from where we live.  Totally city!!

First stop... The Lincoln Park Zoo.

The whole time we were there all we heard from the kids was, "We want to go to the beach!" But then when we came up to a really cool animal they were all like, "This is so awesome!"

We found time to be silly!

And, athletic!

and, amazed!

After spending some time at the zoo we walked a bit -- over Lake Shore Drive -- to North Avenue Beach.

It made my stomach a little woozy to see all that traffic speeding under my feet!

But, this was the gold at the end of the rainbow,  Glorious Lake Michigan! The sand was like powder on the bottoms of my feet, the temperature was perfect, and there was a slight breeze blowing of the lake. Without any time to waste, we immediately found our spot and began doing beachy things!

Sand castle building was high on the list.

As the sun began to set, the long shadows reminded us that it was time to pack it in and head home.... but not without objection from four little beach goers!

Thanks for spending time with me today as I share some of my adventures. This is what I love most when reading the blogs of others and thought, "I had better add to the pool of fun with tales of my own!"  Good times.

Next stop... The Lake Geneva Wedding!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ahhhh, the Joys of a Pedicure

There is nothing like a good pedicure.  And, since we have a wedding coming up this weekend (my brother is getting married), I thought I would knock off the garden dirt and get my toes all dolled up.  Funny... when I got home and was walking around my yard I noticed how close the color I chose was to my spider geraniums.  Love it!

 I am excited about the wedding because, for one, it is always good to share your life with someone you love, and two, it taking place in Lake Geneva -- a super cute town that's about 2 hours north of us.  It is a kinda touristy, cutesy weekend vacation spot. I just love it. There is lots of shopping, a lake, and a beach to play at.  Long ago, before kids, Jeff and I would drive up just to have lunch. 

On another note... I am still looping away at the granny.  Meet Jimmy.  He is our beloved house cat... who got outside this morning and I am anxiously waiting his return, as he is NOT allowed to frolic in the wild! I am hoping that he will come home when he is hungry??  Anyway, the point of this picture is that as soon as I stretch my granny out to see which color to work on, Jimmy immediately climbs on and curls up! He is sooo sweet I couldn't possibly get mad at him.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do You Have a Favorite Spot?

In the summer you can find me on my deck, under the umbrella!  Above is a picture of my back yard.  At the moment it looks pretty good. Yesterday I spent some time out back weeding, pruning, and mowing. It was a hot one... and we desperately need some rain in the Midwest. The yard is soooo dry. My feet were absolutely filthy from the dust cloud that followed me as I merrily went along. I truly felt like I was mowing dirt!

The hard work payed off, and this morning I could enjoy the fruits of my labor. How wonderful it was to go out with a cuppa, put my feet up, and crochet to the symphony of nature.  I heard fish jumping in the river, herons honk as they flew in, and the most gorgeous song birds. Sometimes I get so busy with things I forget how wonderful it is here.

This is our fire pit down by the river.  There is the Hideaway Lakes campground on the other side. It is heavenly to sit by the campfire at night and see the other campers' fires across the way twinkle and dance in the reflection of the water. It's like being on vacation without ever having to leave! 

The funny thing is... I'm a big camping fan.  So, last year we bought a travel trailer -- you know, the kind that you pull behind with your truck.  I wanted so badly to get out and be at one with nature... then, after a time,  I realized... I already am. 

For Sale -- (1) 30' Travel Trailer... like new :)

Before I get on with my day, this rather good size pile of snippets confirms that it was a productive morning!