Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do You Have a Favorite Spot?

In the summer you can find me on my deck, under the umbrella!  Above is a picture of my back yard.  At the moment it looks pretty good. Yesterday I spent some time out back weeding, pruning, and mowing. It was a hot one... and we desperately need some rain in the Midwest. The yard is soooo dry. My feet were absolutely filthy from the dust cloud that followed me as I merrily went along. I truly felt like I was mowing dirt!

The hard work payed off, and this morning I could enjoy the fruits of my labor. How wonderful it was to go out with a cuppa, put my feet up, and crochet to the symphony of nature.  I heard fish jumping in the river, herons honk as they flew in, and the most gorgeous song birds. Sometimes I get so busy with things I forget how wonderful it is here.

This is our fire pit down by the river.  There is the Hideaway Lakes campground on the other side. It is heavenly to sit by the campfire at night and see the other campers' fires across the way twinkle and dance in the reflection of the water. It's like being on vacation without ever having to leave! 

The funny thing is... I'm a big camping fan.  So, last year we bought a travel trailer -- you know, the kind that you pull behind with your truck.  I wanted so badly to get out and be at one with nature... then, after a time,  I realized... I already am. 

For Sale -- (1) 30' Travel Trailer... like new :)

Before I get on with my day, this rather good size pile of snippets confirms that it was a productive morning!


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