Friday, February 17, 2012

Harvesting Funny

For those that have been following along... do you remember when I went to the
Midwest Folk & Fiber show up in Grayslake last summer? I went there to find
some unique yarn to crochet with and I ended up coming home with an English
Angora rabbit! Meet Funny. Funny Bunny. My mistake was bringing my daughter
Kelsey along... how could I not let her get the cutest bunny in the world. Those
people had us hook, line, and sinker! They were like, " You can harvest the
angora and spin your own wool." How cool would that be!! Needless to say -- I
haven't done it yet, but... I did finally harvest the wool. Is angora wool??
Yes, yes it is.

Pretty funny, huh?? OMG was Funny little under all that fluff.
I didn't do a very good job trimming and my fiber was too short. But next time I
will no longer be a novice... I will be an experienced angora rabbit trimmer,
and I will harvest like the best of 'em! But for now... not so much :(
Funny was so good -- I think she may have actually enjoyed all
the attention. I wonder if she feels naked?? Now I just have to harvest her
about 45 more times and I'll have enough to make a baby scarf -- ha ha ha
xoxo, Nicky